Grammar Practice with Nintendo’s Wii ?icon_warioware_narrowweb__300x352,0

WarioWare: Smooth Moves is what you need. The game is built around a collection of microgames that last about five seconds each, and which require that the player hold the Wii Remote in specific positions. The game offers the microgames to the player in rapid succession, by first instructing the player to hold the Wii Remote in a specific manner, and then showing them the microgame. The microgames are divided into several stages, each of which loosely connects the microgames with the help of a story.

The game instructs you in every single microgame by giving you a direct order of whtat you need to do before time runs out and you lose. The commands are usually in one, two, and three word chunks in a very fast paced environment. The prospect gamer/learner can easily practice the imperative while being introduced to new or alternative vocabulary for certain actions and functions. Another great element of the game is the multiplayer function. Battle with your friends in and out of class about who is the swiftest and most accurate responder to Wario’s commands!

The suggested language level for this game is low, as it is a starter – fun and cool game that everyone can enjoy. It is recomended to try from A2 to any level you would wish.


PS. Who doesn’t love filthy little Wario and his adventures?!


2 thoughts on “WarioWare: Smooth Moves (Wii)

    1. Hello Michael!

      It is fairly easy to adjust a wii console and project it to your whiteboard in order to play in class in 1-1 or 2-2 configuration. The mini games last less than a few seconds each and is a perfect alternative to a boring oral drill on the Imperative. Hope we helped!


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