Dear-Esther-Landmark-Edition-feature-672x372Dear Esther is a first-person exploration non-game developed by Thechineseroom for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Spurning traditional game design, Dear Esther features no puzzles or tasks. Your only objective is to explore an unnamed island in the Hebrides, listening to a troubled man (the narrator) read a series of letters to his deceased wife. Details of her mysterious death are revealed as the player moves throughout the island.

While some reviewers challenged the status of Dear Esther as a video game, more often citing the minimal gameplay as a step away from convention and more as a non-game, it received a generally positive critical reception.

Dear esther is a great example of non-linear narration and one of the best alternatives to traditional narratives such as coursebook stories and other traditional material. It is excellent for listening and speaking practice. The language level is rather complex with poetic references, advanced vocabulary and long sentenses. However due to the immersive narrative and the acompanied dialogue that it offers it constitutes an ideal example of free exploration with no anxieties for goal completion or fight systems.

A Hybrid for C1 levels of English & beyond that will inspire so many emotions to those who give it a try. Easy controlls and low system requirements is a great plus for this narrative gem! Go give it a try.


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